It was tough living across the hall from one of the most amazing specimens of a man that I had ever laid eyes on. He was just so beautiful to look at. Tall, with hazel eyes, and bronzed skin. My heart fluttered whenever I chanced to see him. He had all his deep brown hair, a muscular physique, and was tall. At least six feet two inches Not to brag, but men seem to flutter around me like bees around flowers. Let me tell you that can be a problem at times. It seems that I often have to come up with creative ways of letting a guy know I am not interested without hurting his feelings. For some reason though, my gorgeous neighbor and I were just not compatible for some reason. We just could not keep a meaningful dialog going.  So whenever we spied each other, or passed in the hall, about the only real dialog we had was to mumble a greeting as we passed. Hardly the stuff that fills the pages of Harlequin Romance novels. I had taken the bull by the horns a couple of times, and pinned him with some conversation, but he just mumbled replies and seemed embarrassed. He seemed incapable of maintaining a meaningful dialog. At times I thought he was shy, but I was more inclined to believe that he was just not that into me.

I was single and had a roommate. I had never known her before she responded to an ad I took out in the paper. I needed someone to split the rent with. We were both just starting out careers, and neither one of us were making anything more than an entry level salary. We were each hoping for a promotion and raise at our respective companies. At least neither of us had to resort to waiting tables, but we had each done so in college to help make ends meet. We got along reasonably well, and did our best to warn each other if we might be bringing a hottie home with us that night so the other could stay out of the way.  My roommate was very noisy when having intercourse, so I always made it a point to have my headphones on listening to loud music whenever she was 'entertaining'. This lack of privacy that we had to endue at times had a good side. We ended up pretty good friends and would often use each other as sounding boards to share our hopes, dreams, and letdowns.

At this particular juncture, I had nobody steady in my life, hence my interest in Mr. Hunky across the hallway.  As most women have discovered, when you are between guys, you can get a bit sloppy with your looks. The last time I put on panty hose, it looked pretty gross because you could see all my leg hair. So I had stopped wearing skirts and dresses for a while. But wearing slacks all the time just gets to me. It is so boring and unfeminine in my eyes. Since my room mate was going out with her current beau that night, I decided to give myself the once over. Dye my roots, shave off the stubble on my legs, and took a nice long bubble bath.

The absolute best feature of our apartment was a seemingly endless supply of hot water. And it was included in our rent. So at every opportunity, I would indulge myself in a nice long soak. So after I had touched up my roots, I had a quick shower to wash the excess dye out of my hair. Then I shaved my legs. At that point I drained the tub, had another quick rinse in the shower to get any stray hairs off of my body, and then filled the tub again for a nice long, hot bubble bath. So I laid back and luxuriated for all of about twelve minutes when a heard a small splat. A few seconds later there was another one, and then another. So much for my serenity! I sat up to investigate. My first thought was that I had not shut off the tap tightly enough, but when I checked that was not the case. At that point if figured out that it was just the shower head pipe draining via the spout.

Realizing this, I lay back and relaxed again. But the drip was getting to me. So I sat back and held up my toe to the end of the spout to catch the next drip. It was successful enough that I just kept my foot there.  Pretty soon I was just laying there with my eyes closed running my toe around the end of the spout.  I must have dozed off a bit because I slid down and got some bubbles up my nose. I sneezed, and when I did, I jerked my foot up and my big toe got stuck in the spout.  No amount of trying would get that toe to move. It was like it had been glued in. 

For the next twenty minutes or so I kept trying to pull it out, but it was hopeless. I was starting to see the silliness of the situation but the water was getting cooler. An hour or so later, there was no more humor in the situation. The water was cold and I felt like I was freezing to death. I realized that I could just touch my towel, so after hitching it over, I let the water out and covered myself with my makeshift blanket. My toe was pretty much numb by then, and my leg felt like my muscles were on fire. Every muscle in my leg was screaming in pain, but there was nothing to be done but wait for my roommate.

Fortunately for me she came in early. She had had a fight with her boyfriend. She had barely stepped in the door when I was screaming at her to come rescue me. She tried to pull my foot down to get my toe out, but had no better luck than I did. I had been thinking about what to do when my roommate got home earlier, and had thought of the fire department. At first having a big strapping guy come to pull out my foot like my own personal prince charming seemed quite romantic. Then reality had set in, and I had imagined them using some power tool to cut my toe out of the faucet. That in turn got me on the line of what would happen to my toe if the saw slipped. Needless to say, when my roommate said she was going to call the fire department, I screamed, and pretty much nixed that idea.

Faced with my refusal to let her call the fire department in, she did the only other thing that came to her mind. She scurried over to the apartment of Mr. Wonderful across the hall, rapped on the door, and asked him to help us.  At least I was mostly covered when he walked in.  He tried the brute force approach that my roommate and I had already attempted, but with no better luck. When I screamed, he was immediately contrite, and begged my forgiveness. He looked so crestfallen that he had hurt me that I immediately forgave him and said it was alright. I told him to bend over and kissed him on the cheek to show him I was serious about it. He seemed even more handsome than I remembered, and I loved his aftershave.

After pondering a bit, he asked for some crushed ice and vegetable oil.  My roommate went to get them while I wondered what he was up to. I had visions of him making some weird health drink or something equally noxious. Hey, I was getting delirious by then, what do you expect!  After she came back, he made a cup with his hands around my big toe and had her pour some oil in. After they were done, oil coated my toe and up inside the spout. He tried to gently pull my toe out but it did not work. He told me that he was going to try chilling my toe in crushed ice hoping that the swelling would go down enough to pull it out. But after ten minutes of chilling that did not work either.

After some more contemplation, he asked my roommate for some heavy plastic sheeting. A baggy or any sort of freezer bag would be ideal he said. She came back with a shopping bag from a ladies shop and asked if that was good enough. He said he thought it would work. At this point he disappeared for a couple of minutes and came back with a wrench from his apartment.  He removed the shower head, and after doubling up the bag and putting it over the pipe, he put the shower head back on. He said it was to keep the water from coming out. I was wondering how I was supposed to take my next shower with a bag in there, but I did not comment. He iced my toe again for about twenty five minutes. Once completed, he told my roommate to turn the water on full blast as he pulled down quickly on my foot.  Out popped my toe. He slipped and fell on top of me and in the scramble my towel fell off.

So there I was naked in the tub under hunky guy.  I had to laugh. Pretty soon, all of us were laughing.  The laughter covered up any embarrassment that I might have felt over being naked. But to tell the truth, I was just so relieved to be free of the toe trap, that I couldn't care less.

The best thing about the evening though was that it smashed that darn communication problem we were having.  We talked and laughed most of the evening. Before he left, I had a date with him for the following night.  The next night, I was still limping a bit, but I sure did enjoy myself, and so did he.

So that was the better part of a year ago now. Things are still going strong with us. We turned out to be so compatible on so many fronts. Who would have thought that my destiny date with a drip would turn into dating a dreamboat!

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