My cousin has had the worst luck of anyone I have ever met, one day as children he decided to climb a big tree in the front yard and “you guessed it” he got stuck up there. As the fire department showed up a crowd began to gather around the house to see the idiot that got stuck in the tree, they used a large ladder which one of the fireman climbed to rescue him and bring him safely to the ground. As I watched in amazement I thought “what would possess someone to climb that far up a tree in the first place”, but knowing my cousin it wasn’t hard to understand why. One summer afternoon we decided to go swimming at the local public school,it was the favorite place for neighborhood children to swim and as usual trouble followed, my cousin decided to show off his diving skills against my protests and as he hit the water his bathing suit came off, again another crowd.

Things didn’t improve much for him when he started high school, he met a girl that he really took a liking to but she really didn't feel the same way about him. One day she told him if he wanted to get lucky he should meet her in the school at 8:00 PM and to get ready for a big surprise. I tried to explain to him that it was trick, but he wouldn't listen. Unknown to him she rounded up half the school to wait in the gym, she then told my cousin to undress down to his shorts and meet her in the gym which he did. As he walked in the gym the lights came on and there he was standing in front of half the school in his underwear, there’s that crowd again.

My cousin and I started college together and I was sure things were going to get better for him, but this was not to be. He really didn't have much of a social life so if someone asked him to join their group he would jump at the chance to meet some girls and hopefully make a few friends, but more times than not they were only interested in making him the butt of their jokes. One night a few students invited him to go skinny dipping with them at the beach. I warned him against going but he was to excited to listen to me. They dared him to be the first one in and as he did so, they all piled into their cars took his clothes and sped off into the night leaving him there wet and naked. As he ran down the road clutching his manhood he was spotted by several motorist who then called the police, he was told he was going to be charged with indecent exposure but when he explained to them what happened they felt sorry for him and called me to come down with some clothes and take him home. I really felt bad for him and it angered me to see people treating him like that. He was, and still is, a great guy who wouldn't hurt a fly.

While my girlfriend and I were visiting him one evening she suggested that he try an online chat service, she explained that he can sit in the comfort of his own home and since he will be chatting online there’s nothing to be nervous about. She told him that he can get to know the woman by chatting with her and then later on maybe exchange photos, and if she is interested in meeting him in person just take it from there. I told him you're a nice looking guy and you have a lot to offer a women and it hurts me to see you alone. I want you to be happy so please try it for me.

After several failed attempts at different sites he finally discovered what he was looking for. He found a link that lead him to a great site and the perfect woman. He has never been happier and I can see in her eyes that she really loves him too. That was nine months ago and they're still going strong.

So take it from my cousin some chat services do work. You just have to find the right one. So if you're having trouble meeting someone and need a little help then try the link below.

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