I noticed him first on the commuter train. He always rode in the same car as I did to go to work each morning and we would usually joke and chat. He was just an all around nice guy. We both worked down town right across the street from each other so the probability was really high that some day we would meet at the food court when buying lunch. That day finally came. We bumped into each other in a line while waiting to pay for lunch and he asked to sit with me. I agreed and we spent the rest of our lunch hour talking and laughing about almost nothing. I kept looking at him and realized what a nice handsome guy that he was. But as often is the case, looks can be deceiving.

He was recently divorced and was still adjusting to single life. He said that dating again was the toughest thing to get used to. I agreed as I was also divorced as well so I understood what he was taking about. He seemed very surprised to find out that I to was divorced, he said he couldn't imagine any man not wanting to be with me. I said how sweet of you to say that. “Well its true!” he said. “From what I know of you, I would love it if you would go out with me”. Before lunch was over we had agreed to go out on a date.

Because he has similar interests to me everything got off the ground great!Since both of us were a bit gun shy, we decided to take things a bit slow at first. As we grew closer, it just seemed inevitable that the day would come when we wanted to take things to the next level. I guess it was only right for both of us to be a little nervous. Even so, we both made a commitment to go to his cottage for a romantic interlude the next weekend.

Well the day came and he drove down to my house to pick me up for our romantic weekend get away. As a matter of fact that’s exactly what I should have told him, “GET AWAY”, but like a love starved teenager I had fallen for a handsome face and a sad story. His idea of a cottage certainly did not match mine. It was a real fixer upper all right!  In the end, we had to sleep in a very small tent that he set up. We ate first. It was not much because we had to cook over an open fire, which was not that bad. When we finally crawled into bed I was exhausted. As I stretched out, something moved under my hand. I was looking at the biggest garter snake I had ever seen! I screamed like the girl I was and ran terrified into the night in terror. He ran after me asking what he could do. I said that he should get a bigger tent, and that there was only one type of snake that I was not afraid of!

The next day I told him that I did not think that we would be able to make a life together. I felt like a heel as he quietly drove me home, but I needed to look out for myself. I was concerned that his exaggeration of his cottage was just the tip of the iceberg. How could I trust him?

That night I cried my heart out as I told my best friend how disappointed I was. She consoled me, and told me some of her own dating nightmare stories. She was so funny that she totally turned my mood around. In the end, she told me about his site she had found that had lists of over a hundred high quality dating sites. I decided that I would give it a try.

I met a few very nice men over the next few months but there was no spark until he came along. He seemed to be everything I was looking for and more. We had interacted online for some time before he finally gave me his phone number. By this time I was starting to dispare that he did not like me or something. When I called him he seemed to sound a little familiar but I could not remember where I heard that voice. We had a great time talking over the next few weeks. He liked everything that I liked it seemed. And he was not faking it, because he could actually talk in depth about the things I was interested in. We did not always agree, but we sure had fun! And it was just so stimulating! I was so joyous I had someone who cared about me enough to give me that URL. It was the best gift ever! |I was floating on air. I felt like a teenager again.|I was bouncing around like a teenager. Bubbling with enthusiasm and overjoyed. All my friends noticed and remarked on it!|During that time, I was so happy that all my friends kept commenting on it. What a joy he brought to my life!

About the only thing that was strange about our online relationship was that I had never seen his picture. He said that he was not photogenic and felt it would be best if I judged his looks by seeing him in person.The day finally came for me to meet my prince charming but something was not quite right when we spoke on the phone the night before. He said that he was afraid I would  take one look at him and run the other way. Now I was a little confused. Maybe he looked like a Leprechaun! Even when I gave him my assurances that I would stay put, he still seemed unconvinced.

He suggested that instead of picking me up it would be better for me to meet him at his summer home. So he gave me the directions to his place. On the way, I experienced Deja Vu a few times. It was almost as if I knew what was around some of the bends before I got there. Then like a ton of bricks, it hit me. This is where the snake guy lived! Holy Cow! What had I gotten into? I almost turned around and left, but I had given him my word, so I was determined to see it through to the end. He flagged me down a few hundred feet from where I was supposed to meet him. It was him alright! No wonder he had been concerned!

As he walked up to the car, I was scrambling around inside looking for something to deck him with. I finally decided that my purse was the only viable weapon. He caught my hands before I could do anything, told me to calm down and wait to see the rest of his surprise before I reacted. We walked the rest of the way to where we had set up the tent so long ago. I kept looking for snakes, so I was not paying that much attention. When he told me to look up, I was stunned! There in front of me was the nicest little summer home that I had ever laid eyes on!. He told me he wanted to contact me earlier because he had really fallen for me. He said he knew he wouldn't have much of a chance with me unless he could prove that he was a decent, caring, hard-working person and not just another kook.

He made me feel like a complete heel when he told me that the reason he had taken me there so long ago was to show me the lot that he had just bought, so we could plan the cottage that he wanted to build for me. I had just never given him that chance. I was so ashamed of myself that I started to cry.

That was four years ago, and we are still going strong. We finally tied the knot a couple of years later, even though we lived together for quite a while first. That was just me making sure that we were really compatible. If anything, the more I am with him even now, the more certain I am that every bad thing that had happened in my life before I met him happened so that I could appreciate him better.

Now technically, I did not meet this guy on that dating site really, but if I had not met him again anonymously, I would likely have never given him that second chance. Ouch! Thank God for that dating site! I thank my friend every day for what she did for me. She is truly a once in a lifetime pal.

If you got all the way to the end of this crazy story, then there is a good chance that you are looking for something more in your love life just like I was. The link below was the secret to my happiness. I sure hope it will be the secret to yours as well!

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