I met a guy at the bus stop. He took the same bus as I did to go to work during the week and we would often sit together and chat. He seemed very sweet and courteous. We both worked down town right across the street from each other so it was inevitable that we would meet in the food court at some point. That day finally came. We bumped into each other in a line while waiting to pay for lunch and he asked to sit with me. So we sat together and had a pleasant lunch talking about innocuous things. I kept looking at him and realized what a nice handsome guy that he was. But as you know, looks can sometimes be misleading.

He had just finalized his divorce and said that he was out of practice with dating. He had been with his wife a number of years and it just seemed so unnatural to be going out with someone else that he had been avoiding it. I was divorced as well and totally understood where he was coming from. He said that he was surprised that I was divorced, he said that my ex must have been a moron to let me go. I said that it was nice of him to say that. “Well its true!” he said. “You're a great women and if I thought you would say yes I would ask you out”. So we ended up agreeing to go on a date together.

Because he has similar interests to me everything got off the ground great!We took it slow which was fine by me because neither one of us wanted to rush into anything too soon. As time went on and we began to talk about the next step in our relationship we both confided in each other that we had not engaged in sex with anyone since our divorces. Both of us were pretty uptight about it. What if we did something wrong? What if we got into a bad relationship again? In any event, we decided to make the trek up to his cottage the following weekend for a romantic getaway.

When the weekend came, he picked me up and we drove to his “cottage”. To my disappointment, the love nest that I had imagined turned out to be about the size of a small woodshed, and the roof had fallen in to boot. This place needed a ton of work. It was not even safe to walk into!  We ate a small supper and then had to sleep in a small tent that he had set up earlier. As I lay down, I discovered a large snake in my sleeping bag. I almost peed myself! I ran into the night screaming in fright. He followed me asking what he could do to make it up to me. I said that he should get a bigger tent, and that there was only one type of snake that I was not afraid of!

The next day, I quietly packed up and told him I do not think that we had a future together. I felt bad as he drove me home, but what else could I do? He totally lied about his love nest to me. What else would he lie to me about in the future?

That night my friend told me about a fantastic link she visited that took her to hundreds of great dating sites. Since I had nothing to lose I decided to give it a try.

I had almost given up hope again after several months of being on more than one dating site. I would have quit if my sister and friends did not keep encouraging me. I mean, I had chatted and emailed a bunch of different guys, and had even gone out with a few, but there was just no chemistry. It was at this low point in my online dating adventure that I stumbled onto 'him'. He scored 100% on my checklist of what I wanted. We talked online for several weeks and then he gave me his phone number and asked me to give him a call. When I called, there seemed to be something familiar about his voice, but I could not place it. We had a great time talking over the next few weeks. He liked everything that I liked it seemed. And he was not faking it, because he could actually talk in depth about the things I was interested in. We did not always agree, but we sure had fun! And it was just so stimulating! I was so elated I got that link. It was the best gift anyone could have ever given me. I was floating on air. I felt like a teenager again.I was bouncing around like a teenager. Bubbling with enthusiasm and overjoyed. All my friends noticed and remarked on it!|During that time, I was so happy that all my friends kept commenting on it. What a joy he brought to my life!

About the only thing that was strange about our online relationship was that I had never seen his picture. He said that he was not photogenic and felt it would be best if I judged his looks by seeing him in person.The day came for me to meet him. He seemed a bit weird to me when we talked on the phone the day before. He suggested that I would run the other way when I saw him and that left me confused. I was beginning to be concerned about what he looked like. I had visions of the Hump Back of Notre Dame going through my head! Even when I gave him my assurances that I would stay put, he still seemed unconvinced.

Instead of picking me up, he insisted on meeting me at his country place. So he gave me the directions to his place. On the way, I experienced Deja Vu a few times. It was almost as if I knew what was around some of the bends before I got there. Then like a ton of bricks, it hit me. This is where the snake guy lived! Holy Cow! What had I gotten into? I almost turned around and left, but I had given him my word, so I was determined to see it through to the end. He met me on the road about a half mile from where I was to meet him, no wonder he was worried I would run.

As he walked up to the car, I was scrambling around inside looking for something to deck him with. I finally decided that my purse was the only viable weapon. He ran up to me and pinned my arms before I could do anything rash. I told me to please relax so that I could see his real surprise. We walked the rest of the way to where we had set up the tent so long ago. I kept looking for snakes, so I was not paying that much attention. When he told me to look up, I was stunned! There standing before me was the most beautiful cottage I had ever seen. He said he had never stopped loving me, but felt that he had to do something special to win me back.

He told me he decided to finish the cottage for me first, because I deserved something special and nice. He took out a loan and used all his savings. He did all that just for me! “WOW!” I was overwhelmed. I began to cry to think that someone could care about me so much.

That was several years ago and things are still great between us. We finally tied the knot a couple of years later, even though we lived together for quite a while first. That was just me making sure that we were really compatible. If anything, the more I am with him even now, the more certain I am that every bad thing that had happened in my life before I met him happened so that I could appreciate him better.

So I met the love of my life on a dating site. I know that technically that is not quite true, but it was the dating site that let me see the real person that he was rather than the person I thought I had known before. And if that seems confusing, you would be totally perplexed by the thoughts going around in my head right now as I think about all this. My best friend gave me that link to happiness, and I have been truly blessed since that happened. Everything good in my life dates back to that simple gesture on her part. She walks on water in my eyes. I am forever grateful to her!

If you got all the way to the end of this crazy story, then there is a good chance that you are looking for something more in your love life just like I was. The link below was the secret to my happiness. I sure hope it will be the secret to yours as well!

Meet The Love of Your Life

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