First dates are always a challenge. You are always hoping for the best, but often what you get is the worst.Can you please tell me why first dates are always such a challenge? If you are not sure of where you are going, dressing appropriately is a killer. I mean, dressing for a punk rock concert is hardly appropriate if you are going to a 5 star restaurant for the evening. Of course the biggest concern is not clothes at all. You are most likely preoccupied with the fact that you might not hit it off with the guy and the evening could play out forever. Most of the time you will have decided in about twenty minutes that this is not going to work out, but you feel obligated to spend the rest of the date making nice. Especially if the poor sod has really put himself out for you. There are not many of us that can just tell someone that it is not going to work out and walk away within a few minutes. Most of us just sit there a stick it out, silently hoping that somehow things will improve. My problem is that I am non-confrontational, and so I just sit there and try to make polite conversation for the duration of my sentence. Usually, after a bad date, I just ignore them if they try to call. If they do not call me, I count my blessings while secretly fuming that he should have at least called so I could ignore him.

Do you want to know a good way to keep yourself happy on a dud date? Keep reading!

There may be times when you are out with a known entity, like a steady boyfriend, and he runs into some people from work and spends the rest of the night talking shop and mostly ignoring you. More likely to happen, and even worse in my mind, is him running into his pals and talking about sports all night. I am not into sports of any type, including video games, which I personally feel is a waste of time second only to the World Wide Waste of Facebook!  Listening to gamers talk is like listening to Trekkies talk about Star Trek episodes. I mean, who has time for such drivel! How can anybody be interested in such crap! I am digressing a bit here, but you can get a gist of just how turned off I would be by such conversation.

My issue is that polite has been hammered into me from the time I was crawling. It is in my bones. As a consequence, I just cannot walk out of a bad date. So too many times I just sat there, bored out of my mind, and hoping the evening will just end.If I have been bored stiff, or ignored all night, there ain't gonna be no sugar tonight for that dude. And all that means is that I will just have to go home and play with myself.

One night, I was being ignored and I got to thinking which device I would be using that night. I had just settled on my rabbit vibrator, when I had a thought.  I had seen these cool vibrating panties in a sex shop a couple of weeks before, and although I sort of dismissed the idea at the time, I could suddenly see possibilities. The day after that particular date, I purchased a pair. I decided that the model with remote control would best meet my needs.

The next time I went on a date, I wore my secret weapon. As I thought, when we arrived at our local drinking establishment, my escort du jour ends up in a two hour discussion on the recent NFL draft or some such nonsense. It was not long before I was hitting the go button on my electric panties. Suddenly, the fact that I was being ignored was unimportant. I no longer cared what was going on around me at all. It was so cool.  I was just sitting in my chair in bliss, pretending to watch some game on the TV over the bar.

After that, I started to wear them on every date I go on, even now.  For those nights were I am not being bored or ignored, I simply change out my electronic panties for regular ones before heading back home with him. If for no other reason than to stop any strange looks as we take our clothes off.

One day, about three months after purchasing my secret date weapon, I was sitting in on our weekly sales meeting listening to my boss drone on about the same stuff that he drones on about every week. I mean, we are the ones getting the sales, and all he does is drone on about stuff that will not help us land any sales at all. Targets, projections – I do not care about that. I just want the company to start making some viable products that are easy to sell.  I am digressing here. As I half listened, the thought crossed my mind that this was a lot like listening to the useless sports drivel that my boyfriend and his chums spout off about. Then it hit me like a baseball bat to the head. Why not do the same thing at work that I did on crappy dates? So the next week, I tried it out.  Suddenly, I had a whole new perspective. And with my skill at manipulating them so well honed, I was able to time my orgasm to coincide with the end of the meeting. The boss gave me approving looks for my enthusiasm. And the best thing was that the panties were quiet enough that nobody could hear. Before long, I was wearing them every day. This meant that I needed a drawer full of play panties, but they were the best investment I ever made. I mean, after all, they changed my whole outlook on working.  Everyone at work lately remarks how happy I always am now. They all assume of course that I have a new lover or something. But I will never tell!  No matter how much they pressure me for the answer, I just smile. Inwardly I am laughing. What a great life this is!

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