For a lot of lesbians, finding the love of your life can be as easy as googling for lesbian dating sites (or even some more general purpose online dating sites) and creating an true profile that is interesting to read, and then just sit back and read the emails that will start to trickle in for the next few days. It is actually that easy but you will get a lot more action if you take the time to initiate contact with other people on the site. Look at other people's profiles and reach out to them via chat or email on the site. You will likely find some really interested women to connect with. On top of that, you may find some ideas that you might want to capitalize on and add to your profile. If someone's wording or ideas caught your eye, then similar wording or ideas might help your profile catch someone else's eye. A great number of lesbians find themselves in groups of singles while they are doing things they enjoy, are at work, and attending social gatherings. If you are at some sort of specialty event, then there is a good chance that you might meet someone there that has similar interests to you.

 A bad mistake that a lot of lesbians make when having their first relationship is rushing into things too quickly. Soon you might find yourself in bed next to an individual that you don't really know. Go out on a few outings first, take the time to explore what you have in common. You should have some common interests, values and plans for the future that will compliment each other. Share things with each other, if you get a new job, if a friend has a baby, a wedding coming up, a kudos you might have gotten, share these things with you partner, they are not only your lover, they are  your best friend.

If you are at a family gathering or with friends and someone starts telling gay and lesbian jokes that are in bad taste and insulting to you and your partner, and you see your partner is disgusted by it, just get up and leave, tell them you came to enjoy yourselves not to listen to a lot of trash about how other people live their lives|One awkward situation would be to find yourselves at a social or family gathering and hear people dissing the gay and lesbian community at large. This will require you to make a stand and let people know that you will not tolerate statements of that nature. Insult them if you have to.If your family and friends are aware of your sexual preference then tell them that you are not at all amused at what was said, and if they really think that, then they are lowlifes that you do not want to associate with anymore. After all, who needs to go anywhere and be made to feel bad.

When it comes to your partner, make sure that you involve have them meet your family and friends as much as possible. This is an important step to establishing and keeping a relationship.

Lesbians are God's chosen people, especially when it comes to STD's like aids.. When one woman is making love to another woman each just naturally knows which enjoyment buttons to press for each other.  Gay men have a similar advantage, but the aids specter spoils the fun a lot.  Sex is the one area where a lesbian or gay relationship just runs circles around the hetero types.

The lesbian life is the best that there is, so love your life and live it to the max. Live, love and share your life with others, and try to surround yourselves with loving and caring family and friends who accept you for what you are and will be there for you at any time should you need them.

 Remember that other people may not be comfortable with a lifestyle that they don't know a lot about so try to stick with those who have a positive attitude.  Since you are lesbians, then it would be best if many of your friends are from the lesbian community. Open minded heterosexual friends are tough to find, so if you have a few, cherish them and nurture them.

One of the great secrets of the bible is that God created Adam and Eve, but then  after thinking it through made Eve a woman to keep her happy.

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