When AIDS first started to run rampant through the straight community so many years ago, a bunch of ultra religious groups started to raise the hue and cry that AIDS was a plague foisted by God onto the world because we were too tolerant of the Gay lifestyle.

If you subscribe to such rational, then hopefully you would be open minded enough to recognize that there is only one group in society, other than celibate people, who have been mostly untouched by AIDS. That group is the lesbian community. The evidence shows that AIDS is almost unknown among lesbians, and as such, they must indeed be without sin!

Needless to say, Lesbian Partners have a lot going for them.
To name a few points:
- They only have to pick up after themselves, never each other.
- They never have to trade off a career for a family
- They never have to watch action movies
- The remote control on the TV is seldom used because nobody plays channel roulette
- The toilet seat is always down
- No spray around the toilet to clean up
- Each knows how to fully satisfy the sexual desires of a female
- They can totally ensure that the other partner has as many orgasms as they want

When you think about it, how much better can life get?

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