Many people wonder why it is it about couples that make them want to become swingers? In most cases, it is because they are so intimate and devoted to each other, that they are not possessive about their love. Swingers are people who are not at all jealous of their partner having or giving sexual pleasure to someone outside their relationship. This is basically what swinging is all about, having sexual liaisons rather than romantic encounters with other couples or even individuals. Swingers often think of their relationship with their spouse as their home base. Even though they enjoy having sexual encounters with other swingers, they will not let it interfere with their core romantic partner.
Swinging is a personal choice for many married couples who believe that making love with someone other than their significant other as a bed sport. Some get into swinging for different reasons. It could be that their partner is into swinging and they want make them happy by getting into it themselves.  Perhaps their partnership is slowly eroding and the excitement has all but vanished; so they adopt swinging hoping to rekindle the fire and passion of their relationship. Getting into swinging for these reason's is not the route you want to take because it usually just leads to a breakup. It can only work if both partners are completely open minded about the situation and can handle their partner engaging in sexual activity with someone else without flying into a jealous rage.
Just to hammer the point home, swingers must have a very close and loving relationship to succeed with a swinging lifestyle. Mutual understanding and a strong foundation are vital factors in being a swinger. It is imperative that both partners fully understand why each other wants to be a swinger. Swingers require open and strong communications with each other to be successful. Those who have equal understanding will realize that swinging can be a very adventurous way of life and that it makes you feel alive. Swinging can appeal to your emotional and recreational needs, including fantasies and desires that you can explore together rather than apart. Swinging is very much about sharing sexual adventures with each other which in turn will strengthen your sexual and emotional growth.

Just remember that it takes two to tango well.
Swinging is, and continues to be, increasingly popular for life partners as well as all races. Swinging came about in the early 50s in the rich suburbs of the United States. At that time swinging was not a common thing and the only ways to meet other swingers would either be through news paper ads or through other swingers.

Social views have changed drastically through the years and especially since the launch of the Internet. At this time, not only are there swingers clubs in most major cities, you are now able to find Internet swinger sites to meet new friends. These sites offer you the chance to communicate with and meet other swingers like yourselves who are interested in getting together for a good time. So if you happen to be a swinger or want to get into swinging, here is the site for you:

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