A while back, I found myself all on my own again, when my husband, and father of my 2 children, left us. I entered a period where I worked hard, looked after my kids as best I could, and had virtually no social life to speak of. I had two good friends in similar circumstances who helped me through this period. What social life we had was usually at one of our homes together, snacking, watching TV, or just talking. Often our conversations wandered into what type of man we would like to have in our lives the next time love came calling. None of us ever thought for a minute that we would meet our dream boat any time soon.

A friend of mine suggested that maybe I try out this brand new dating site that had just started up. I will refer to this site as Dum-asses-r-us to avoid getting into any liability issues. I met this moron, I mean male the first night on the site, he was quite comical, seemed like he had a head on his shoulders, and had a decent vocabulary. As we chatted with each other over a few weeks, I let him know that I had not been with a man in quite a while, and needed to take things slow. I brought up the subject of my children early on, and he was fine with that because he said he had a son as well. As a matter of fact, he told me that on his days off he spent most of his time playing with his son. So with all of this positive check marks in my rating column, I decided to take him up on an offer to go on a date.

I went all out for that date! Hair, manicure, new dress, everything! I had arranged for a good friend to babysit and had picked her up earlier. As I sat there putting on my makeup, I was totally stressed out that he would not find me acceptable. I have to admit that I was halfway in love with the guy and I had not even met him. I really wanted this to work out. My friend said to relax. I was coming across as needy and that always scares men off.  In retrospect, I sure wish that I had scared him off! So after collecting my self I went outside to wait for him as he was going to swing by and pick me up. Finally there he was! I couldn't wait to get a look at that gorgeous muscular body, that thick blond hair and those beautiful green eyes. As I moved closer to say hello, my bubble burst! Never in my life was I in a situation where I hoped I was dreaming and would wake up. I kept thinking, “Please do not let it be him!” But alas, he was my date. The real life image was such a letdown. I was actually in shock! I just stood there outside the car not knowing if I should run or just break down and cry, so I got in.

Well, at least it was not all bad. The rug on his head looked like it was skinned from the hind end of a labrador retriever, and I like labrador retrievers. Obviously it was not his picture on his profile, he certainly didn't have blond hair.  He didn't have any hair!  He was waring some kind of toupee and I think it was on backwards or inside out or something. His eyes were not green, they were black and blood shot. He looked like he had a serious drug addiction. The well toned muscles in the picture were nowhere in evidence on this sorry excuse for a man. The top ranked restaurant that he promised to take me to ended up being slightly more upscale than a greasy spoon diner  Well, at least the restaurant was in a neighborhood where nobody that I knew would frequent.

We were placed in a corner table.. Actually it didn't look too bad on the inside. I had a chicken caesar and he had pork chops. All the while I kept having to remove his hand from my thighs. He made a remark about me being hot to trot since I had not had sex in years, and how I must be raring to have at it with a real man. I politely told him if I wanted to be with a real man I would not be here with him. After dinner and slapping his hand away several more times he asked me to dance. His touchy, feely side showed up again as soon as we hit the dance floor. The more I shoved his hands away, the more he tried to impress me with his cool dance moves. He twirled me so fast my hand slipped out of his, hurling me into to the bar. Well that was all I could take! I got up with my nose bleeding, slapped his face and stomped out of the restaurant. I made my way to the hospital and had my nose set. My new dress was ruined. And now I would have a bump on my nose to remind me of that horrible man!

That's the last time I took any dating advice from a friend. I decided then and there that  I was only dealing with legitimate dating sites that I could trust. Hopefully ones who's clientele does not consist of touchy, feely, sex hungry lunatics.

While I was researching dating sites, I stumbled across the following link, and it helped me zero in on the sites that I finally joined:

Dating Online

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